Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oldest Son Jesse Off to New York

In two short weeks my firstborn will be transplanted to the East Coast to pursue his artistic dreams. I am happy for him. Really I am.
He has grown into a wonderful young man, full of life and enthusiasm. It has been a delight to see him discover his talents and then begin to branch out.
But New York is so far away! I have never been there, but he has. He describes it as an exciting place that stimulates his creativity. It is hard not to think of the scary-dangerous New York that I have seen in the movies.
We have now come to the part where we have to trust God to watch over him and provide for him. Truthfully, that has always been who was taking care of him, but he seemed safe in the circle of his family that loves him. Even though I don't know the people he will be living with, I trust his judgment. He usually chooses quality friends, albeit eclectic ones, and that will probably continue to be true.
So this is the season of letting go, sending him joyfully on his way, blessing his future plans.
I wonder how long this tearing and ripping sensation lasts?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Baby Leaves for South Africa

Jared is 19-years-old now, but he is still the baby of our family, youngest of my four sons. He has been serving at the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland since September 2007, doing servant evangelism, healing in the streets, and leadership training in the church.
The church supports a couple as missionaries to George, South Africa in a poverty and AIDS project, and they are sending a group to help encourage them in their work, and Jared is part of the team.
He is so excited! He will be on three continents tomorrow, April 10th, beginning in Europe, with a 5 hour stop-over in Dubai, and then Africa! But the travel time is 33 hours so I sent him the book, "The Shack" to read since he will have ample time. I looked on YouTube and saw lots of poverty, but also beautiful scenery with friendly people and exuberant "Gumboot" music. What an opportunity this is for him. I am praying for him to grow and experience all that God has for him. I am also praying for his protection, especially from malaria. (It's that Mom thing again, I can't help myself.) If I knew where to buy nets to sleep under I probably would have sent him one.
Last week he went on a mission trip to Scotland and he worked really hard but enjoyed it immensely. He has promised to send photos soon of both trips, but in the meantime I will post one of him in N. Ireland. I feel like I miss him more because the distance will be so much greater in South Africa. He will be home at the end of June, but is scheduled for two more church outreach trips before then. More on those later!