Monday, June 23, 2008

Rock Beautification Project

Perhaps painting woodland creatures on randomly procured rocks might seem hokey, but I am thoroughly enjoying it! My latest artistic endeavor involves scoping out the interesting shapes of rocks everywhere I go to determine which animals could be painted on them. Right now out on my patio is a smooth stone that boasts the contours of a sleeping fawn which I will paint soon.
Okay, so it isn't classic art, but I am attempting to use the technique of "trompe l'oleil" or "fool the eye" to make them seem alive. I have given some as gifts, which is great if the person likes handmade things, but not so great if they think you are just a cheapskate. The reactions have varied from "Oh, I love it! It will be perfect in my garden!" to "It scared the crap out of me!"
I have painted other murals in the trompe l'oleil tradition, and I recently came across some wonderful examples in the 3-D art drawn on sidewalks by Julian Beevers.