Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grandma Alert!

Still navigating the losses and adjustments of the empty nest syndrome, and yet I will soon join the ranks of grandmothers everywhere. I will need to perfect those skills I used to have perfected, such as jiggling and jouncing a baby to sleep, soothing a cranky soul, comprehending the mysteries of various cries, wiping of noses, mouths and bottoms-preferably not with the same cloth!
Yes, I fully realize that it is not my own nest that will be full again, but rather my son and his wife, but I have high hopes they will need some babysitting. The grandpa-to-be asked tentatively if it was standard protocol for grandads to get to wear the baby in a backpack which he enjoyed immensely when our boys were babies. A lot remains to be seen and negotiated I guess.
A baby in the family again! I remember the feeling of a fuzzy little head nestled up under my chin, sort of nuzzling for safety and security. I will sing the same songs again that soothed my own little ones. I will pray for my tiny grandbaby and bless all the days to come. I can hardly wait!

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