Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reunion in Galveston, Texas

Once again, my high school girlfriends and I managed to carve out some time to get together, this time in Texas! This is our third reunion in thirty-five years and we had a wonderful time catching up, singing favorite Spanish songs, and laughing over old stories.

Back in the 70's we attended a missionary kids boarding school that only had 42 in the high school. So our graduating class was only ten people-7 girls and 3 boys. We have lost track of the boys, but we girls have kept up with each other through marriages, motherhood and now grandkids. How many people can say they keep up with 70% of their graduating class?

We "frittered away" a lot of time just being together and reminiscing. What a gift to have that time apart from life's whirlwind. Since I don't have flesh and blood sisters, they feel like my sisters in every sense. We have our love for God and our faith in common which makes up for lots of differences.

Merry Zoe hosted us at her home in Houston, and part of the time at her condo in Galveston. Lois flew in from Spokane, Washington, and Debbie Gray from Maryland, while Debbie Schwing drove in from Louisiana. Lynne and I winged our way from sunny California, and our favorite teacher Trudy Kutz joined us from Eugene, Oregon.

It was a delight to hear about each other's kids and husbands and families. Some tears were shed, but we also spent time praying for each other. I was encouraged and uplifted!

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hermanalynne said...

Hi Ruthie, It was SO good to spend time with you and the other girls this past week! You have always been like a sister to me and you have been a faithful friend throughout the years. I am praying that the LORD will provide a job that will truly suit you and that He will give you the peace that you need as you wait for His perfect timing.
I really enjoyed singing many of the songs that we used to sing together. Singing those songs is a favorite memory of our past history together. I always enjoy our phone calls and this morning's was no different.
I love you, hermanita. Lynne